Intelligence and Market Surveys

In 2007, a European based client contracted a CCI partner to obtain specific information related to potential investment opportunities in an industrial sector undergoing rapid growth and consolidation. CCI´s reporting pointed to the probability of various future developments which subsequently took place in the sector. The client contracted further CCI project work in 2008.

Pre Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence

In late 2007/early 2008 CCI worked on a major pre investment due diligence assignment for a multi-national client, which was considering a substantial investment in Brazil. CCI carried out due diligence on the client´s proposed business partners in various different states, and was able to show that the proposed investment was vulnerable to a range of political, legal and environmental factors and to possible manipulation by the proposed partners. The client placed its initial investment plans on hold, and CCI is currently assisting the client in finding new business partners in the same sector.

Fraud Investigations and Asset Tracing

A Brazilian employee of the Brazilian subsidiary of a large multinational company embezzled approximately USD 5 million through forgery of company documents. A CCI principal was hired to investigate the incident and evaluate the possibility of recovery of some or all of the funds. The investigation involved obtaining legal access to bank accounts and other financial data. The funds were traced to various accounts that were used to distribute the money. The case has now gone to court.

Crisis Management

CCI´s partners co-managed the response to a serious incident of extortion, when a former employee of the Brazilian subsidiary of a major multinational company obtained confidential, corporate information and forced the company to provide him with money in order not to reveal the information to third parties. Using appropriate investigative strategies to assess the credibility of the former employee´s threats, and to obtain information about the former employee himself, CCI was able to draw up and assist implementation of a suitable strategy for handling and negating the former employee´s threats.

Security Consulting Issues

- A CCI principal has been coordinating the development and application of preventative security policies and procedures for the Brazilian subsidiary of a large multinational company. This has enabled the company to contract high level security services for a much lower overall cost than if it had hired a permanent security director. The CCI principal has also developed an investigative capacity within the company, under which he has handled a range of cases involving employee malfeasance, employee and third party security breaches and employees´ personal security.

Security Consulting Issues II

- A multi-national financial company contracted a CCI partner to assist its security and events departments in managing the logistics and security for its annual corporate Board meeting, involving some 20 senior executives and/or non executive Board members and some spouses. The visit lasted 6 days, and involved travel to 4 different locations in Brazil. It took place without incident; the events and security personnel involved were commended for their work.

General Problem Solving

CCI´s partners were involved in assisting the Brazilian subsidiary of a large multinational company in handling an apparently serious leak of information. CCI´s role was to identify the source of the leak, advise how to minimize the impact of the leak and advise on preventing similar occurrences in future. CCI´s work was commended by the client.